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I love this shot of Toushirou-taijo. Probably the only sketch I'd ever want from the series...well, with a few exceptions for Kon. Medium
Card Captor Sakura
2nd OP cels like this one. High
Card Captor Sakura - Layouts & Backgrounds
I'm always on the lookout for nice CCS backgrounds. Medium
Any sketches and backgrounds, especially those from episodes 13, 19, 22, 23 & 24. High
Original Artwork - Anime
Original artwork from Japanese artists. I love convention sketches! Very High
Artwork of Mewtwo. I'd prefer it to be of just Mewtwo or other Pokemon with Mewtwo . FOUND! High
I'd love to find the second part to the Pichu hanken set. I was outbidded on this item when it sold on Mandarake in July 2009. High
Sailor Moon - Movies
I'm not much of a Mercury fan, but even I have to admit that this is a spectacular cel. Low
Sailor Moon - R season
(sigh) Sparkling Wide Pressure! Very High
I'd love to find this action shot. Very High
Usagi, the voracious eater. Medium
Sailor Moon - S season
I love the action in this cel. I'll throw in an extra arm too. Will Give Kidney
My absolute dream cel...just like everyone else. Will Give Kidney
Cels of Uranus & Neptune from the confrontation w/ Prof. Tomoe(Daimon Germatoid) Very High
I identify with Usagi's expression. I used to look like that a lot while studying. Low
This shot of Chibimoon. Low
Sailor Moon - Sailormoon
A Mako-chan fan's dream - I love how fierce she looks. Very High
Any shot of Jupiter's transformation with the electricity visible. Very High
A great cel of Makoto skating. High
(snort)A cel I can identify with. Low
Sailor Moon - Sailorstars
A lovely opening shot of Eternal Sailormoon. Very High
An absolutely gorgeous shot - I wonder what this would cost? Very High
An ethereal image of the Outers as they receive their new powers. Very High
Gorgeous image of Eternal Sailormoon. Very High
A cel from this sequence would be peachy. High
Did I mention I like Mako-chan? One of my favorite shots of her..and I've never seen one anywhere. High
The colors in this cel always appealed to me. High
This shot of Minako from Episode 176. Medium
Usagi's expressions are priceless. If I could only find more like these. Low
Sailor Moon - SuperS season
Another dream cel.. Will Give Kidney
Jupiter's Oak Evolution Attack Will Give Kidney
This cel of Chibimoon's "Twinkle Yell" attack to match the background I own. Very High
I'm still a little sore that I lost this douga set that was on YJ in January 2010...Even though I jacked it up to $1.3K before bowing out(evil grin). I'd still love to own it, just not for $1.3K High
Mars's "Flame Sniper" attack. High
This exact cel of Rei promoting herself. You have to love fire types. Medium
The top Chibi-Sailormoon layer to match the cel I own. Low
Tenshi ni Narumon
A cel from the second OP sequence of Sara. Preferably this one or one where she's looking particularly sensual. Very High

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