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Kazuchika Kise is a prolithic animator whose career spans more than 30 years. Originally an inbetween animator on projects such as Psycho Armor Govarian in 1983, he quickly transitioned into a key animator for 1985's Dirty Pair and, by 1988, into an animation director. He has worked on more than 100 titles in some form or other. Kise has also worked as a character designer for several series, of these, xxxHolic and Ghost in the Shell ARISE are the most notable.

Kazuchika Kise is currently employed by Production I.G. and is continuing to his work on the Ghost in the Shell ARISE OAV.

 Yuuko Ishihara

 Yuuko Ishihara

 Asuka Langley

 Yuuko Ishihara

 Motoko Kusanagi

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