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Tsuyoshi Nonaka is the head of PLEX International Design in the US. He has been designing robot toys since the 1980s, and his designs have been featured in toys from many companies including Bandai and Soul of Chogokin. Nonaka has also been the character designer for a couple of anime series including D.I.C.E , Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z-Hen! and Mazinkaiser SKL.

What I love about Nonaka most is that you can request the same character as many times as you'd like, and each sketch will be completely different. After two conventions and viewing all of his comissions on his Facebook page, I have yet to see him recycle the same pose.

 Eva Unit 01 (Beast Mode)

 Eva Unit 02 (Beast Mode)

 Optimus Prime

 Shin Mazinger

 RX-78 Gundam

 VF-1 Valkyrie

 MazinKaiser SKL

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