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CLAMP's Kobato., animated by Madhouse in 2009, is one of their most heart warming tales. The story revolves around a young woman, Kobato, who exists in a liminal state. She is given one year to live, from Spring to Spring, and in this time, she must aid enough humans so that her wish will be granted.

This section covers artwork from the nineteenth episode, "White Christmas". Of the 24 episodes in this series, this is my favorite. Kobato is deeply troubled that Fujimoto, the man that she has worked with the past three seasons, is becoming distant as Christmas approaches. Kobato blames herself for Fujimoto's coldness, and explains to Domoto, Fujimoto's friend, that whenever she thinks about Fujimoto, it's painful. Domoto, searching for the perfect Christmas gift for Kobato, intervenes in a meaningful and heartfelt way.

What makes the background artwork stand out in this particular episode is the great lengths that Madhouse's production staff went to create the magic of Christmastime for Kobato, a being who has never experienced it before. The warm glow of the festive lights, the reflection of the decorative baubbles at the Christmas market are all things that enhance Kobato's experience of the season. Sadly, though, this particular sequence is far too short.

As I'm really far behind with my Kobato scanning, I'll only be able to show a portion of this episode's artwork for now.





 After Work


 Lesson Plans





 Just like Costco!

 Fujimoto's Pet Project



 Fairy Lights


 Festive Lights


 Christmas Tree




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