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Original artwork is one of my more favorite items to collect. Unlike cels, these original items are still very plentiful and, if properly cared for, do not easily deteriorate. But, similar to cels, original items can cost just as much.

The majority of what I collect are shikishi, or square-shaped cardboard boards designed especially for signatures and artwork.

Many of the items featured here were obtained at conventions. Although there's no way for me to name all those who have helped me obtain these sketches throughout the years, I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me along the way.

 Takahiro Yoshimatsu

 Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

 Miho Shimogasa

 Miho Shimogasa

 Akihiko Yamashita

 Tsukasa Kotobuki

 Fumio Iida

 Hiromi Kato

 Hiromi Kato

 Hiromi Kato

 Hiromi Kato

 Kouta Hirano

 Osama Kobayashi

 Osamu Kobayashi

 Yoh Yoshinari

 Hori / Koyama / SUSHIO

 Tomonori Kogawa

 Koichi Mashimo
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