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The second Inuyasha movie, Kagami no Naka no Mugenjo(Castle Beyond the Looking Glass) was released in Japan on December 21, 2002. The story touches upon the famous Japanese legend of the Princess of the Moon, Kaguya. Although this character has appeared in many anime before, Inuyasha portrays this legendary character as a villian who desires to rule Earth by stopping the flow of time.

Of the four Inuyasha films produced, the second film is one highly enjoyed by Inuyasha/Kagome fans. This may explain why artwork from this film has been difficult to find. However, my theory based on the damage done to a few of these backgrounds is that most of the artwork was simply thrown away by the studio.

I purchased this lot on Yahoo Japan in November 2007. When I received them, no previous conservation was made by the seller. Items were stapled and taped to each other. There was even a xeroxed page from Detective Conan in there! It appeared that the seller of these two auctions had worked somewhere in the production area and had simply pulled these from the wastebasket in the hopes of reselling this artwork at a later date. Each background came with a set of studio copied layouts with notes and coloring on them. Many of the backgrounds in this section were made by scanning an original background into a computer, adding special effects and then pasting the modified background on a piece of white construction paper.

 It's over, Naraku!

 Saved by Sango

 Night in the Countryside

 Let it all begin....

 Pentacle Dream Castle

 Riding Fluffy


 That act of yours...

 This is the true form...

 Sucking souls

 Don't worry..

 This is the true form..
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