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"It would be nice if we could put away and throw out everything except what really mattered, but reality is just cruel."

"Dearest" sung by Charm, is the third of eight songs used during the final credits of the Inuyasha TV series. The song is perhaps the most melancholy of the eight ending songs and because of this, the first fifteen and a half seconds of theme shows each of the main characters(well..minus Sesshomaru) lost in their thoughts.

Of all the states of being that a human can feel, it is the introverted state that I enjoy most. This is mankind at its most pure. The facade that each one of us shows the world has been erased and in its place is the core essence that many are afraid to show. Each cel in the first fifteen and a half seconds perfectly captures the main characters as they contemplate on what life has taken from them and how to survive with the remnants left behind.

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