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As with most widely distributed animes, I'm sure that Rumiko Takahashi's feudal fantasy, "Inuyasha", needs little introduction. One of the more sucessful animes to have been released in the US in recent years, "Inuyasha" weaves a fairy tale of a modern teenage girl, Kagome, who, through a complicated series of events, arrives in feudal Japan to save its inhabitants from the plethora of demons that prey upon them.

For me, the beauty of this anime lies not its quality artwork and great action sequences, but in the character development of two characters - Kikyo and Sesshomaru. Each of them believe that their lives would have been better off without the presence of the half-demon son of a powerful Dog Demon, Inuyasha. Sesshomaru, a full-fledged demon and self-proclaimed "true heir" to his father's rule, makes his resentment known after having been denied the destructive Tetsusaiga sword that his half-brother, Inuyasha, received. For Kikyo, the priestess whose love for Inuyasha ultimately caused her demise, Inuyasha serves as a constant figure of her tragic fate; a fact that Kikyo is more than happy to remind him of.

Due to the demand of these cels and my particular tastes, it's likely that I will not add much to this section in the future.

 Inuyasha ED 1

 Episode 15

 Episode 23

 Episode 35

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