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Unlike many recent CG animes floating about, Rozen Maiden combines excellent artwork with a intricate plot. Jun Sakurada is a fourteen year old boy who has throughly rejected life. He's upset that his parents have left him in the care of his ditzy sister, Nori, while they go explore the world. Jun refuses to go to school anymore and instead enjoys spending his parents' money on good luck dolls, only to send them in before the warranty ends to get his money back.

One day, Jun receives a note asking him if he'll wind or not wind. Jun marks the "wind" box and places it in his desk drawer as the note instructs. The next day, Jun receives a beautiful blond doll. Upon winding the doll up, the doll introduces herself as Shinku, the fifth doll in the Rozen Maiden series. Shinku draws a contract with Jun in which she'll protect him as long as she can use him as a medium for her powers.

The artwork found in this section comes from the second season, "Traumend". The artwork found in this section will likely not amount to more than a few pieces, as, even though I like the anime very much, I'm not much of a sketch collector.

 Sugintoh Powers Up

 Shinku & Suiseiseki

 Confused Jun

 Rozen Maiden Group

 Wailing Nori

 Obsessed Nori
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