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Naoko Takeuchi's "Pretty Soldier Sailormoon" begins as most animes in the "Magical Girl" genre begin - an attractive, friendly but dimwitted girl stumbles upon a device that allows her to transform into a superheroine. Unlike the majority of magical girl animes, though, Takeuchi creates a fantastic plot in which a character's past and future influences their present actions.

The first season, Sailormoon, introduces the viewer to the basics of the plot. Usagi Tsukino, with help from her magical brooch, can transform into the super heroine, Sailor Moon. Aided by her friends, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus, Sailor Moon searches for the key to destroying Queen Berylite - the Silver Crystal. During her escapades as the soldier of justice, Sailormoon learns of her past life as the princess of the Silver Millenia, a kingdom that long ago existed on the moon. Guided by the Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity and slays the demon that long ago ended her glorious and peaceful past.

As with many other first seasons, the quality of animation was not nearly as good as later seasons. While this may be due to the artists' unfamiliarity with the characters, it may also be partially due its limited budget as the Sailormoon anime was only slotted to last one season. Compared to cels from the later seasons, most first season cels are reasonably priced. However, prices for cels from key sequences and episodes can easily compete with prices for cels released in later seasons.

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