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Although I am primarily a Sailor moon collector, ocassionally I find an image from other series that absolutely grab me. Whether its the coloring, scene or the artistic caliber of the cel, it's these images that I feel are some of the most powerful ones that I own.

This section is intended to be a small and singular section due to the nature of the pieces and that I am not very interested in collecting many items from these series. A large portion of the items found here were picked up during my various trips to Japan.

 Lupin III

 Platinum Hugen Ordian

 Ryu Knight

 Vampire Princess Miyu

 Vampire Princess Miyu

 Puppet Princess



 Ruroni Kenshin OVA

 Ruroni Kenshin OVA

 Tonde Buurin

 Saber Marionette OP

 Wicked Sasuke
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