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Although I am primarily a Sailor moon collector, ocassionally I find an image from other series that absolutely grab me. Whether its the coloring, scene or the artistic caliber of the cel, it's these images that I feel are some of the most powerful ones that I own.

This section is intended to be a small and singular section due to the nature of the pieces and that I am not very interested in collecting many items from these series. A large portion of the items found here were picked up during my various trips to Japan.

 Detective Conan

 Rin Tohsaka

 Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

 Barazo & Senketsu


 Ryuuko Matoi

 Aikuro Mikisugi

 Aikuro Mikisugi

 Aikuro Mikisugi

 Mako Mankanshoku

 Mataro & Senketsu


 Ryuuko & Mako

 Graham McTavish

 Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat



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