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Tenchi is one of those guilty pleasures for me; I kick myself for supporting male centered harem shows, but I love some of the characters far too much to really care about it. The TV series brings back memories of staying up late to watch the English dub on Public Broadcasting (KTEH!) in 1996, way back in the era where no one really cared about country bumpkin TV stations airing a new fangled thing called 'Japanimation'.

Hard to believe that in 15 years anime fans have gone from bootleg Hong Kong dubs& VKLL subs to legal streams of anime at the click of a button. And did I mention to you young whippersnappers that we used to walk to school in the snow, uphill, both ways?!

...Anyways, enjoy my small Tenchi Muyo sampling.

 Death by Cabbitnip
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