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These are just a sample of some of the backgrounds that have either arrived with the cels I have or are backgrounds that I have purchased in an attempt to find a suitable match. The backgrounds in here are geared more towards the shoujo anime genre, but there are lots of backgrounds, such as the moon and sky backgrounds, that would work well with almost every cel out there.

Most of the backgrounds shown here have been uploaded into the general gallery to be used for other cels. Please contact me should you need a copy of a background shown here.

 Twinkle Twinkle

 Rainy Day

 Moon Reflections

 Moonlight Night


 Turquoise Gradient

 Blue Burst

 Red sky at night...

 Red sky in morning...

 Dark Rush

 Distant Galaxy

 Tiny Bubbles

 Tutti Frutti Bubbles

 Searing Speed

 Nessun Dorma

 Sugary Swirl

 Opaque Lake

 Dark Cover

 Blue Blur

 Something Wicked

 Mystic Magenta

 The Final Frontier

 Space Invaders

 Grey's Anatomy
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