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Originally, the Sailormoon anime was only designed to last one season. However, due to its popularity in Japan, Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation revived Sailormoon to bring her back for a second season. Sailormoon R, often called 'Return' or 'Romance', was split into two different story arcs. The first arc, the Makaiju Saga, featured two aliens, Ann and Ail(Allen) who sapped energy from humans in order to save their "Tree of Origin". The second arc, the Darkmoon Arc, introduced Chibiusa, Mamoru and Usagi's child from the 30th century, as she tried to escape the Darkmoon's grasp over Crystal Tokyo.

I have never been a fan of the first two seasons because I find the artwork to be rather blah and the storyline to focus far too much on Usagi and Mamoru's relationship. But, there are some redeeming moments and these are what I focus on.

 Episode 86
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