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Bank cels, or cels that are frequently used throughout a series, are some of the most sought after of all Sailormoon cels. While most sequences had upwards of 170 different sheets, the primo cels in each sequence can command prices ranging from $500-$2000. A very expensive prospect indeed.

While I enjoy the animation and coloring used for several bank sequences, it's not my main focus. However, please feel free to sample the small collection that I have.

 Rainbow Moon Heartache

 Sailormoon SuperS Opening

 Sailormoon SuperS End Theme

 Moon Crisis Power

 SuperS Oshiokyo

 Twinkle Yell

 Gorgeous Meditation

 Aqua Rhapsody

 Venus Crystal Power

 Love and Beauty Shock

 Love and Beauty Shock

 Sailorstars OP
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