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Sailormoon S, or 'Super', as it was known in Japan, is the third Sailormoon season. The S season revolves around Mugen Academy and its leader, Professor Tomoe, who is consumed with obtaining the Holy Chalice. Unlike the last two seasons which focused on Usagi's relationships with those around her, this season focuses on Usagi's personal growth as a Sailor Soldier. Additionally, the S season introduces several new characters - in particular, Sailor Uranus and Neptune, both of whom stand in opposition to Sailormoon.

This and the final season, Sailorstars, tend to be the favorite seasons for fans. As such, with its variety of characters and excellent animation, cels from this season are few and far between. Those that are still around on the secondary market can be quite expensive.

 Episode 125

 Episode 125 & 126

 Episode 125 & 126
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