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In Japan, when an anime has a large fanbase, manufacturers line up by the dozens for promotional benefits. Sailor Moon was no exception. Hundreds of products were released during 1992-1997(and also in 2002 with the 10th year anniversary, Sailor Moon World promotion). Among the most memorable of these were Sailor Moon Furikake(rice seasoning), Sailor Moon video games, Sailor Moon chocowafers, Sailor Moon sausages, Sailor Moon champagne (it was actually fizzy apple cider), Sailor Moon eyedrops and even Sailor Moon toilet paper.

As most of these products employed some kind of animation, the artists at Toei were busy catering to their clients' demands. While most of the artwork was destroyed or locked away in the company vault soon afterwards, a few select pieces did survive and are occasionally seen for sale on select Japanese auction sites.

Want to get a better idea of what Japanese Sailormoon commercials were like? Click on the screen below.

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