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Madoka Ayukawa
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Added 1/10/2021
Original sketch featuring Madoka from Kimagure Orange Road( きまぐれオレンジ☆ロード ), signed and drawn by the series' creator, Izumi Matsumoto ( まつもと 泉).

This was drawn the last time I saw Matsumoto-sensei, at Japan Expo USA in 2014. That con was such a wreck; You had karate demonstrations in the same room where Matsumoto was scheduled to hold is panel with only a flimsy cloth 'wall' separating the two. Matsumoto did not have a voice that projects well, so all but those sitting in the first couple rows were able to hear him over the cries of the karate participants. To make matters worse, the autograph area, during a particularly warm September, was held outside with no shade and no fans for the guests.

This was the last sketch I received from Matsumoto at this convention.

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