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Tomonori Kogawa
Source: TV
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Added 9/7/2020
Updated 9/7/2020
Sketch featuring an unknown woman, drawn and signed by Space Runaway Ideon character designer, Tomonori Kogawa ( 湖川友謙 ).

Over my collecting experience, I've sometimes noticed that older animators often sell artwork on Yahoo Japan. Several of these colored sketches have been popping up on Yahoo Japan weekly and although not an Ideon fan, the sketches were quite lovely, particularly as most of them ended under 10,000 yen.

I'm very happy that I did buy this one and I highly recommend buying one (or a couple) for yourself. He really put a lot into it and the auction scans don't do the item justice. Besides, it's always a good feeling to know that your money went to help support someone who helped create the genre that you love.

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