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Kaworu Watashiya
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Added 7/29/2020
Sketch of Rin from Kodomo no Jikan drawn by the series' mangaka, Kaworu Watashiya ( 私屋カヲル ).

With exception of the ending and how Mimi was handled, I absolutely adore this manga. Some of you reading this who are familiar with KnJ are probably wondering why. Well, because despite its ecchi-ness, it handles the subject of childhood trauma, child abuse and predatory grooming really well. While this story received a stupid amount of negative press during its initial release, I think that was more due to the US licensed name of "Nymphet" instead of from people who read the story.

This sketch was one of the few that were rewards for the Kickstarter that Digital Manga Publishing ran. What made me pledge at the level I did was more because of Watashiya's effort and less because of the story. Watashiya created several timed draws of all of her sketches for the promotion. She put in hours of work on each one. First there was a line sketch, then she went through and finalized it, then markers and colored paints were used. Each one was truly a labor of love for her. To see the amount of work she put in to each one showed me how much of a labor of love this project was for her.

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