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Episode 42
Source: TV
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Added 7/29/2020
Updated 7/29/2020
Jigglypuff glares at its most fearsome foe - a Clefairy.

Jigglypuff has always been a favorite Pokémon of mine since its debut in the TV anime. This particular Jigglypuff dreams of being a singing sensation with its 'Sing' attack. It's just too bad that its soothing voice makes every living creature in its vicinity, both Pokémon and human alike, relax and fall asleep. This little puffball gets very angry when its audience falls asleep, and its microphone doubles as a black permanent marker that it uses to doodle on its victims.

This cel is from the episode before Jigglypuff acquires its signature marker microphone. Maybe it was good that it didn't have it at that time because those Clefairy would have taken it from the poor puffball. I sympathize - Can't tell you how many shiny checks it took for me to get that stupid shiny Clefairy in Pokemon Go...

From Episode 42 - "Jigglypuff vs. Clefairy".

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