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Jumbo Carddass
Source: TV
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Added 5/12/2020
Sketch featuring Minako, Rei, Ami and Makoto.

This particular sketch of the two was first used on card #9 for the first Sailor Moon S Jumbo Carddass set. Jumbo Carddass cards were produced by Bandai. Originally you could purchase them through a vending machine and you'd receive one card at random. The Jumbo Carddass cards were not as popular as the smaller, regular Carddass cards that Bandai produced. As such, you could (and maybe still can..dunno..been over a decade since I've bought Sailor Moon cards) purchase the cards in their original distribution boxes on Yahoo Japan. Since the initial release of this set, the image has been used several times including in the Sailor Moon World Carddass set 2.

My goodness, it's been over 10 years since I've added anything hanken related to this section. I have to admit that I really haven't been buying Sailor Moon stuff over the past decade or so, and I'm super slow updating this. I did purchase this on Mandarake many years ago, but I'd have to look. I seem to recall that this hanken and the one that it was paired with for the Jumbo Carddass card were sold separately, so I had to win both auctions in order to keep them both together.

Sigh...the things that we do to preserve things in this hobby.

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