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Mine Yoshizaki
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Added 5/2/2020
Updated 5/2/2020
Sketch of Keroro from Keroro Gunso drawn by the series' mangaka, Mine Yoshizaki ( 吉崎 観音 ).

Those of you who know me also know that I am a huge fan of Keroro Gunso. If you've never seen this irreverent anime series and enjoyed series like Animaniacs and other series that employ wordplay and situational irony, I recommend watching the subs. Sergeant Keroro, an frog-like alien from the planet Keron, is en route with the rest of his platoon to conquer Earth and force its people into submission. Unfortunately for him, he gets captured by a human family while he tries to hide in their house and they're more than fine with allowing him to live there, provided he do all their chores. Keroro is followed by the rest of his platoon; tsundere weapons expert Corporal Giroro, adorably violent Private Second Class Tamama, pervy genius Sergeant Major Kururu and traumatized ninja Lance Corporal Dororo. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for the viewer), Keroro and his friends are easily sidetracked by Keroro's harebrained schemes, delicious human food or Keroro's need to improve his Gundam collection.

Aliens...they're just like us!

I had wanted a Keroro sketch for a while, and although the series is nowhere as popular in Japan as it was a decade ago, finding artwork of the pea soup colored frog was no easy feat. This was only the second Keroro sketch I'd seen for sale on Mandarake over the years and one that, due to the Coronavirus and the complete stoppage of shipping out of Japan, I thought I might never receive. The sketch was in transit for over a month before it was sent back to Mandarake. Props to Mandarake for handling it like a pro and upgrading the shipping to DHL for free (even though I offered to pay). Been a client there for years and thanks to this effort, I will continue to purchase from them.

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