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Ikuko Itoh
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Added 3/28/2020
Updated 3/28/2020
Sketch featuring Mytho from Princess Tutu, drawn and signed by its character designer, Ikuko Itoh ( 伊藤郁子 ).

Itoh was a special guest at UshiCon in 2019. The convention is located in Texas and, at the time that I attended, a very small convention that fit into the hall of a hotel located in the middle of nowhere. My Uber driver informed me that there was nothing much to do in the area except hitting some bars and bowling, but that I should really go to Austin if I wanted to do something more exciting.

Meeting Itoh was strange. Granted, I never expected her to be awed by my collection and want to become best friends. But I had hoped that she would have enjoyed, at least to some extent, all of her work. The woman absolutely hated working on Sailor Moon, yet was probably one of the best, if not the best, artists at the time that worked on the series. She didn't want to talk about Sailor Moon. And while she didn't mind signing things that she drew for the series, it seemed as if it were a dark chapter on her life that she wished had not been there.

Instead, she just wanted to talk about Princess Tutu, which is the series that she created. And while I liked the series up until the ending, I could tell that saying anything bad would really hurt. And while the room of this small convention was packed, most of the people there were there because of Sailor Moon and not Tutu.

This and the Tutu sketch were auctioned off that night. UshiCon decided to have a night 11pm at night auction. That's my bedtime, people! Jadeduo and I originally went down to see what they were doing before the auction, but it was an anime trivia contest where everyone looked as if they knew other other and had brought snackies and beer to drink as they answered. Jadeduo and I looked at each other and realized that watching Daniel Craig as James Bond would be a better use of our time. We returned to the hotel room until it was time for the auction, only for the staff to say that they were going to live auction the stuff on Discord. That irked me. Like I had made the effort to stay up and awake, but you're telling me that I could have comfortably lounged around in my home...instead?

There were 3 items up for auction - The 2 Itoh shikishi sketches and 1 copy Tutu sketch that Itoh personally colored. Although I was pretty salty about my whole UshiCon experience, I won both shikishi.

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