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Bisco Hatori
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Added 3/21/2020
Updated 3/21/2020
Sketch of Chiyuki from Millennium Snow drawn by the series' mangaka, Bisco Hatori ( 葉鳥ビスコ ).

Millennium Snow is a story about a sickly 17 year old girl named Chiyuki Matsuoka. Despite having a heart condition that her doctors have predicted she'll only live to be 15, she's very upbeat. She meets a vampire named Touya Kanou. His blood will let her live another 1000 years, but because he hates feeding on others and the sight of blood, he's anemic.

This is a very early Hatori-sensei sketch and was likely a prize given by LaLa magazine in 2001. This is before Hatori-sensei created Ouran High Host Club, so it's interesting seeing an early example of her work. Her style and signature have changed over the years.

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