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Added 2/13/2020
Board featuring Himawari Furutani, signed and drawn by YuruYuri original character designer, Namori.

In 2011, Namori was part of an international panel concerning the rights of women and girls that was hosted in Japan. Prominent women, such as Katie Couric from the US, were also invited to participate in the event. As part of this invitation, Namori drew 200 colored sketches from YuruYuri. Most of these sketches featured just one of the girls, but there were a couple in the 2 batches (each consisting of 100 sketches) that featured 2 of the girls. It took Namori roughly 2 years to complete the project and all sketches were sent out at the same time. A couple of these sketches managed to make their way on to auction sites, which is how I acquired mine.

When this originally arrived, I was upset that I thought that I had bought a printed shikishi, but Namori's coloring job is just that good. Definitely one of the best inking jobs that I've seen on a shikishi.

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