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Akira Takahashi
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Added 1/15/2020
Updated 1/15/2020
Shikishi sketch featuring Cure Heart from DokiDoki PreCure and Cure Melody from Suite PreCure, drawn and signed by its character designer, Akira Takahashi ( 高橋 晃 ).

I'm sure you don't need me to drag out Captain Obvious to point out that I really like Magical Girl anime. So when this popped up for sale on Mandarake's BWA several years ago, I jumped at the chance to own it. Oddly enough, it ended up selling for cheaper than some of the Cardcaptor Sakura cels I've been trying to win on Mandarake as of late...

This was originally give as a prize for those who bought the "Toei Animation PreCure Works" book that Takahashi released in 2015. The sketch came with a winning letter and a sketch of the artist. Sadly I can't read Japanese too well, so I can't tell you what Takahashi is saying...

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