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Arina Tanemura
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Added 3/30/2018
Updated 1/22/2020
Sketch featuring Takuto signed & drawn by Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Full Moon wo Sagashite mangaka, Arina Tanemura ( 種村 有菜 ).

This was drawn at AnimeFest in 2015, but was not sold until the following year. My understanding of the story behind that was because Tanemura originally drew a character from Idolish7, but because it had not yet been released in Japan, she did not want it sold. The convention returned that particular sketch to her and in return, she gave them a sketch of Takuto to sell.

I had debated on debuting this particular sketch during my birthday update, but in light of what is happening right now in regards to a certain convention also happening now, I think this 'Uf Da!' expression is most appropriate.

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