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Akemi Takada
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Added 11/13/2017
Updated 1/15/2020
Shikishi sketch featuring Creamy Mami from Creamy Mami, drawn and signed by its character designer, Akemi Takada ( 高田 明美 ).

Some of you who are familiar with my gallery and have bothered to read my excepts know how I feel about Akemi Takada. But just in case you're reading this and are not, here's a quick link. So you might also be wondering, of all the artwork I would ever buy, why I purchased this. And that, considering how I hold grudges against certain artists for their poor behavior, would be a really valid question.

This particular sketch was drawn as a promotion for now long-defunct start-up company called Anime Sols that opened in late 2012. Anime Sols wanted to release several older titles on DVD such as Creamy Mami and Oniisama e... (Dear Brother), in the US. These two titles had never before been released, and as they are classics, Anime Sols decided to take advantage of the popularity of sites like Kickstarter to crowdfund these titles to adult fans.

Unfortunately for Anime Sols, they not only did a poor job communicating production delays and setbacks, but as it became obvious that they were a sinking ship, the company and its employees were no where to be found. At the time, those who had contributed to their Oniisame e.. crowdfunding campaign were left without any communication as to what was going on with the DVDs and no product despite having paid for them. Anime Sols contracted the item fulfillment to Right Stuf and then posted a message on their website saying that they were going out of business and a standard "Take all inquiries up with Right Stuf".

With their rapid closure and avoidance of all e-mail communication, I could never get a straight answer as to what happened to this, and a sketch of Magical Idol Pastel Yumi that had been featured on the website. Anime Sols never announced who won the Creamy Mami sketch. I really wanted to own both of them, or at least, receive some comfort that these items would be taken care of and not thrown into the garbage. I may not be a fan of certain artists for their poor behavior, but I hate it when artwork is destroyed or poorly cared for due to negligence even more. Never heard word one back from the company.

In October 2014, some topic about Anime Sols popped up on Anime News Network and I commented on the sketch and casually wondered about its whereabouts. Like most comments I make on various websites, I knew it would be ignored. I didn't think it would go anywhere. So imagine my surprise when the person who won the sketch not only contacted me, but offered it for sale. The decision to buy it took less than 5 seconds to make.

This particular sketch was still in its original box that Sam Pinansky, the former head of Anime Sols, sent to the winner of the sketch. The stated value of the sketch is 10,000 yen.


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