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Episode 39
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Added 11/13/2017
"Of course, it was about Sakura."

Yukito comments on how close a relationship Touya and Mizuki-sensei, Sakura's teacher and Touya's former girlfriend, have. Yukito is unaware of Touya's history with Mizuki-sensei, which is likely what's causing Touya to feel so uncomfortable in this scene.

Episode 39, despite being another filler, is the first of two episodes regarding 'The Mirror' card and Touya's relationship with her. Sakura catches a cold and has a bad fever. Of course, this is the perfect time for one of the Clow Cards to appear, and Sakura forces herself out of bed to capture it. Prior to leaving, she has 'The Mirror' card transform into an identical copy so as not to worry her family behind who all think she's in bed, sick. When Touya walks in to check on Sakura, he recognizes that the being in front of him is not his sister. He asks 'The Mirror' not to let Sakura know that has some idea of what she's doing, and 'The Mirror' agrees. When 'The Mirror' and Touya meet again in Episode 61, Touya buys her ribbons for her hair to thank her for her help.

From Episode 39 - "Sakura no Furafura Netsuyobi" (Sakura's Dizzy Fever Day).

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