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Episode 61
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Added 11/13/2017
"Maybe Sakura will eat the plate as well? After all, she is a monster."

Sakura's brother, Touya, mercilessly teases Sakura while she's scarfing down breakfast. Sakura reacts, but misses Touya's foot when she tries to slam into it under the kitchen table.

Episode 61 is a filler episode, but wraps up the earlier storyline involving 'The Mirror' card and Touya's ability to identify her. Sakura relies on 'The Mirror' to copy her and act as a stand-in when she's out capturing/converting other cards. Touya, even though seeing through the cover, plays along, and to thank 'The Mirror' for helping Sakura out, he buys her some ribbons that she wears in her spirit and card form.

From Episode 61- "Sakura to Kaado to Purezento" (Sakura, the Cards and the Presents).

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