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Added 7/19/2017
GoodSmile decided to sell Kill la Kill douga at Anime Expo in 2016. I was fortunate enough to have a friend who could pick some up for me, so I ended up with a couple of packs that I shared with another RS member. He had hoped that we'd get a douga of his waifu, Nonon...but sadly, we seemed to get just about everyone but her.

This was one of the douga that we pulled from one of the blind packs. They were really were a crapshoot. Sometimes you'd end up with something nice, and then other times, you'd just get another shot in the Gamagori powering through his different phases.

A big thanks to Jadeduo for bringing her scanner to Animazement 2017 and forcing me to bring stuff to scan. I'm sooo lazy when it comes to scanning!

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