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Some Schmuck
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Added 4/30/2017
Updated 4/30/2017
Sketch featuring some rando from drawn and signed by doujinka Mamoru Yokota ( 横田 守 ).

This was my birthday gift from Jadeduo. It's one of Yokota's older drawings, so much so that I didn't recognize the blocky kanjii characters. Yokota, being a fan of the Japanese language, usually prefers a more stylized writing of his name. I probably should have turned it over first before questioning who drew the sketch, as it was pretty obvious from the back that the poster it was drawn on was done by Yokota.

I really have to hand it to Jadeduo for being such a trooper and for convincing me to be the rabbit with chainsaws that I am. Despite being banned from SakuraCon for reporting an internal art theft of Ayame Yamada's donated artwork for the 2016 charity auction and SakuraCon's efforts to cover it up, I still ended up getting a lot of nice stuff. Officially, I wasn't at the con. Unofficially, well...who knows? Logistically speaking, of course, it's not terribly difficult to blend in with 25,000 attendees. Though, I had to admit that I did debate long and hard if I seriously wanted to win one of their special charity auction sketches this year. Wasn't exactly too keen on supporting a con that believes that the best way to cover up for stolen artwork that was donated to help needy children was to ban the person who had the audacity to report such a thing. But, I ended up putting that negativity aside and managed to win one. SakuraCon staff decided that the best way to display their artwork was to apply tape directly to the back of paper artwork and, after their auction, simply rip it off...and anyone who had the audacity to call them out on that was told that they were whiners. Such blatant disregard for artwork. Well, not that I'm surprised...this is a convention that is perfectly fine with allowing donated artwork to "disappear".

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