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Masashi Kudo
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Added 4/22/2017
Sketch featuring Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach, drawn and signed by their character designer, Masashi Kudo ( 工藤 昌史 ).

Kudo was a special guest at PMX in 2016 along with Mamoru Yokota. While in the process of requesting a sketch from him, Yokota excitedly told me that Kudo would also take commissions. His translator mentioned that he hand finagled some things for his loyal customers. The way the commissions were done was sort of odd, in that we had to slum around until he showed up, and then it would only be the first eight people...needless to say, thanks to multiple requests by several people (totes guilty here!), there were some unhappy attendees that day. Although, that part of me that holds grudges can tell you that one of the people who was shut out routinely shut Fanime attendees out of sketches so he and the rest of his con staff cronies could get them instead, so, no, really didn't feel any guilt in regards to him.


Late Sunday, after the con had officially closed, we received the finished sketches. As Kudo also did the character designs for an anime called Maoyu, I had a friend request the well endowed "King" of Demons, Mao. As you may have guessed from this sketch of Rangiku, Kudo is very much a breast man. So when the Mao sketch was taken out in front of Yokota, tears were streaming down his face. Never thought I'd see a grown arse man cry real tears over a drawn image, but there was Yokota, petting Mao's breasts not once, but twice, and telling my friend how lucky he was to own those breasts.

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