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Mizuho Kusanagi
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Added 3/29/2017
Updated 3/29/2017
Sketch of Hak from Yona of the Dawn drawn by the series' mangaka, Mizuho Kusanagi ( 草凪みずほ ).

Yona is a tale about a redhead princess whose father is brutally murdered in front of her on her 14th birthday by her childhood friend/crush. He then threatens to kill her, so she, along with her other childhood friend, Hak, flee the castle. At first, I found Yona to be annoying. She was never allowed to do anything, and as such, doesn't understand how the world works. But Yona quickly comes to terms with her new reality, and not only embraces it, but does her best to help her country and those outside it.

This particular sketch was given away at a special promotional event. I've checked high and low for any mention of it in its bi-monthly parent publication, Hana to Yume, but have been unsuccessful. I usually don't buy artwork drawn on heart shaped shikishi boards, so this is thus far the first and only one of them that I own.

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