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Shingo Natsume / Chikashi Kubota
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Added 9/13/2016
Updated 9/13/2016
Board signed by One Punch Man character designer, Chikashi Kubota( 久保田 誓 ) and One Punch Man episode and unit director, Shingo Natsume ( 夏目 真悟 ).

Kubota & Natsume were special guests at AnimeFest 2016. While the guests did draw at the panels, AF's management made it so that the autograph sessions would be signatures only. They gave out this poster during their autograph sessions. Of the artists in attendance at the convention, after watching all of them draw, I felt that Kubota was the most talented of the group. Sadly, Kubota's animation studio would not allow the OPM artwork he drew to be sold at the convention....which, I guess was good for me as I probably would have been a lot poorer had I gone for them.

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