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Hato Moa
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Added 9/2/2016
Updated 9/2/2016
Sketch featuring Shuu, signed and drawn by Hato Moa, creator of Hatoful Boyfriend ( はーとふる彼氏 ).

Hatoful Boyfriend was originally created as an April Fool's Day joke in 2011 by artist Hato Moa and her doujin circle, PigeoNation. It proved to be widely successful. By the end of the year, a complete game was developed. The story revolves around a girl name Hiyoko, who, despite being human, is invited to study at St.PigeoNation's Institute for Gifted Birds. At the start of the story, Hiyoko finds herself in avian form and has no memories as to how she became a bird when she remembers being a human. The basic plot of the game is, with help from the other birds, determining what happened in your past.

This is Shuu, the school's antisocial doctor. He is a chukar partridge. He always speaks in a flat, monotone voice and is considered creepy by the rest of the school.

Hato Moa and her fellow doujin artist, Damurushi, were guests at AoD 2016. Of the two artists, I felt that Damurushi was, artistically, the most talented of the two.

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