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Episode 22
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Added 4/11/2016
Fujimoto, at his side job - Piffle Princess Pizza Delivery Boy.

Episode 22 marks the end of the winter chapter in Kobato. Kobato has spent the past three seasons on Earth trying to fill her special bottle in order to have her wish granted. But while the Spring and Summer seasons were largely dedicated to introducing the viewer to the characters and their personalities, the Autumn and Winter portions feature Kobato dealing with the darker side of the human experience.

Those who are familiar with CLAMP, the mangaka group that created this story, understand how much spirituality plays a part in their stories. This particular sequence fits that notion, and expresses the idea that, although we pass on from existence to another existence, those beings that we cared about, both positively and negatively, will be with us as well.

This particular background was used a couple times in the episode.

From Episode 22 - ...The Day to Say Goodbye

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