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Hekketsuroku ED
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Added 4/2/2016
Updated 4/3/2016
"For the very sun dyeing my heart is eternal"

Hiikata holds out his hand, presumably to Chizuru (lucky b****).

Though the my inner fangirl likes to think differently. Heh heh.

This was the last rilezu I commissioned from the Hakuouki franchise. At the time, the company producing the rilezu was asking for requests, and Hekketsuroku had just been released in Japan. Hijikata is my personal favorite in the game, so I immediately contacted the company and supplied the screenshot. Their response to me was that the artwork for the ED sequence was done by Atsuko Nakajima. That might not mean much to you, but Nakajima has a very notorious reputation for keeping all of her production artwork. As the company produced the cels using the production artwork as a template, that meant that getting a rilezu made of this particular sequence would be near impossible. The company told me that they would contact Nakajima to see if there was any chance she'd permit her artwork to be used, but they cautioned me not to hold my breath.

Months past and I had pretty much given up hope of ever hearing from this company again. Their Hakuouki rilezu was not selling (probably because they wanted a couple hundred dollars per rilezu), and I figured that they might not be around anymore. Out of nowhere, they contacted me and informed me that Nakajima had made a copy of the douga for them to use and that they'd be able to produce the cel I requested. The colors turned out to be darker than the bright colors that appeared during the sequence, but the other two rilezu I bought had that same problem as well. I'm very happy with this particular cel and really grateful that Nakajima permitted this rilezu to be made.

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