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Episode 17
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Added 3/9/2016
"Is the short piece ready yet? One coffee please!"

Ioryogi, tired of pretending to be a stuffed animal while Kobato is at work and hoping to chow down on some pastries, decides to pay Kuma Baumkuchen Shop a visit. Kuma, along with the bird coworker, are former allies of Ioryogi, and, like him, were forced to come to Earth as punishment for their failed invasion of Heaven.

Episode 17 is towards the end of the autumn season in the Kobato anime. Kobato has spent all Spring and Summer on Earth and is being introduced to concepts which will cause her to question those around her, and later, to begin to remember her past life.

Episode 16 & 17 are a two part episode. In order to raise money to keep the school afloat, Sayaka decides to hold a bazaar. The loan that Sayaka took to save the school was originally arranged through her ex-husband and yakuza member. He harbors a grudge against Sayaka and her school, and rips down every poster in town so that few people are aware of the event occurring at the school.

The sign on the cafe says "Kuma's Baumkuchen Shop - Space-Time - Open For Business" while the second sign says "On Break"

From Episode 17- ...Mysterious Life Form II

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