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Episode 15
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Added 3/8/2016
"Good Morning!"

Kobato and Sayaka-sensei say hello to the children and parents dropping their children off at the school. The kids are really happy to see Sayaka feeling better after she collapsed at school.

Episode 15 is halfway into the autumn season in the Kobato anime. Kobato has spent all Spring and Summer on Earth and is being introduced to concepts which will cause her to question those around her, and later, to begin to remember her past life.

Episode 15 focuses on Sayaka, Kobato's friend, employer and the teacher at Yomogi Preschool. It's been mentioned that, in order to keep the school afloat, Sayaka had to take out a high interest loan. But the pressure of paying it, and the interest off, have gradually chipped away at a normally resilient Sayaka, causing her to collapse while working. All of this greatly concerns Ioryogi, not because he's worried for Sayaka, but rather he grows deeply concerned as to what will happen if Kobato becomes cognizant of her past life.

From Episode 15 - ...Hidden Prayer

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