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Episode 141
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Added 3/2/2016
"I will have you receive a random shower of the Crescent Beam of anger!"

After having her dream mirror violated by the two men that she was cheating on, Sailor Venus launches a powerful form of her Crecent Beam attack.

This was probably one of the more entertainning episodes featuring Minako. The soldier of beauty, who has gone over three seasons bemoaning her perpetual virginity, manages to land not one good looking man, but two, in this episode - Tigerseye and Hawkseye. While both men are after Minako for her dream mirror, they also are out to prove which one is more sucessful with the ladies.

From Episode 141 - Koi no Arashi! Minako no Futamata Daisakusen(A Love Storm! Minako's Big Two-Timing Project).

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