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Episode 7
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Added 3/1/2016

Chiho, her twin Chise & their mother have gone over to the Yomogi Preschool with snacks. The twin girls entertain the children by playing hide and seek. Unfortunately for little Yukari, she can't tell the two girls apart, and manages to get snagged by Chiho, who is currently "it".

Those who are familiar with CLAMP's stories may recognize Chiho and Chise as being dead-ringers for Chi from Chobits. This is Chi's cameo appearance in this series; the twins play a minor role in helping Kobato out with her errands.

Episode 7 marks the start of the summer chapter in Kobato. Kobato has spent all Spring on Earth and is in the process of beginning to see that there is more to the people around her than the happy facade they're choosing to show.

Episode 7 introduces the viewer to Fujimoto's one and only friend, Doumoto. Both Doumoto and Fujimoto attend the same college. Kobato, on her mission to fill her magic bottle by helping others, heads to Fujimoto's school to return his homework assignment to him. Kobato runs into Doumoto and teaches him that it's ok to say "no", even to the best of friends.

From Episode 7 - ...A Gentle Person

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