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Episode 42
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: cut 173, A1 & A2
Standard size

Key Cel
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Added 2/2/2016
"You can't seal Dark away just by knowing what it is. Sakura, you still have more to discover...But I'm sure you can do it."

Realizing that the sudden darkness during the school play is the work of the a card that controls darkness, Kero comments that there's still something Sakura needs to realize before she can capture it.

This episode revolves around the school play, "Sleeping Beauty", that Sakura's class has chosen to do for the school festival. During the 'kiss' scene, the room, goes dark and everyone disappears. Sakura, worried about everyone else, has to look to herself to stop the darkness. She ends up meeting two of the strongest Clow Cards, 'The Dark' and 'The Light' cards, both of whom shed a little light on what's to come.

This cut of douga and genga came in a packet of sketches I bought several years ago on Yahoo Japan. This particular scene consists of just two sketches.

From Episode 42 - "Sakura no Makura Gakugeikei" (Sakura & the Blackened out School Arts Festival).

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