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Episode 28
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Added 2/2/2016
Updated 2/2/2016
Sakura - Were you two the only people who bought these cards at Twin Bell earlier today?

Chiharu - Yeah and...I think Meilin, who came as we were leaving..

Sakura - Meilin?!

After catching up to Chiharu to ask her to show the fake Clow Cards purchased at a local shop, Sakura finds out that the likely holder of the real Clow Card that was hidden among the fake cards is Meilin.

Episode 28 deals with one of the local shops, Twin Bells, and their new product line - Clow Cards. The cards look similar to the real ones that Sakura and Syaoran have been trying to capture. Among the fake cards, though, was a real Clow Card, 'The Shot'. Meilin, observing this, bought it. Upon discovering that there's at least one of every card but 'The Shot', Sakura, Tomoyo and Meilin eventually locate Meilin. Meilin accidentally unleashes 'The Shot' and injures Syaoran. Sakura comes up with a plan to capture the card with the help of 'The Mirror' card.

I don't care much for this particular episode as the plot really falls apart. Sakura, who usually tries to carefully hide the fact that she has magical powers thinks nothing about flying around Tokyo during the day to find her friends?! Yeah, I'm sure no one in Tokyo is going to see you doing that...

This particular sequence of sketches came with a large batch I purchased off Yahoo Japan several years ago. I love Sakura's "resting bitchface" expression combined with Tomoyo's vacant look.

From Episode 28 - "Sakura to Omaijinai Kaado" ( Sakura and the Enchanted Cards ).

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