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Episode 25
Source: TV
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Added 1/20/2016
Updated 1/20/2016
"Alright! Let's try fortune telling! This is a good time to do it".

Plagued by a mischievous doppelganger, Sakura wonders if it's really just a Clow Card at work. Kero suggests that Sakura use the cards that she has in order to get an idea as to what card might be behind the troublesome twin.

Episode 25 introduces the viewer to 'The Mirror' card, who will form a closer attachment to Sakura's brother in the future. Mirror chooses to disguise herself as Sakura, and runs around town, pulling pranks and just being a general brat. Of course, since Mirror looks like Sakura, everyone thinks that Sakura is the one behind it.

I'm actually a big fan of the card reading aspect of Episode 21. It's the only time in the series where Sakura is using the cards as a divination tool, so I'm really thrilled to get some artwork from this sequence.

From Episode 25 - "Sakura to mo hitori no Sakura" (Sakura & one more Sakura) .

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