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Tomoyo Sakuma
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Added 12/29/2015
Updated 12/29/2015
Board featuring an unknown male character, signed and drawn by Gekkousou Claimer and Shounen Shuuhasuu mangaka, Tomoyo Sakumai( 佐久間智代 ).

This was my first purchased shikishi, bought at Mandarake many eons ago. I remember going after this because it was relatively cheap compared to some of the stuff I saw sell at Anime Expo in 2009. It's kind of funny that I look back at this time, shake my head, and think that my behavior was kinda cute. I used to be pretty hesitant on spending more than $100 for an original sketch. Now, if the right sketch came along, I wouldn't think twice about spending that much.

Anyways, this particular sketch was awarded by Dear Plus magazine in 1998. The sketch even came with its award notification. These sheets of paper would come to be the bane of my existence when it came to buying sketches of Yahoo Japan. The sketch is from a series called Zankou no Kiseki which was one of three titles featured in this series. Sakuma began in her career in 1996 as a shoujo mangaka, and like many before and after her, shifted interests and began to draw yaoi manga.

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