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Episode 14
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Added 12/2/2015
Updated 12/2/2015
Tomoyo films Sakura and she dances with Yukito during the closing of the school festival.

This episode revolves around the yearly school cultural festival held at Touya and Yukito's high school. Sakura, Syaoran and Tomoyo meet up at the school to watch Touya's class drama, Cinderella. Touya, cast as Cinderella, and his prince, a female classmate named Yoko, are attacked by 'The Mist' during the course of the play. Thanks to Syaoran, Sakura is able to save both Touya and Yoko and the school festival concludes on a happy note. Well, for everyone but Syaoran who seems a bit saddened to not dance with his bromance crush, Yukito.

This was one of those odd times where I purchased the background and then, a couple weeks later, the matching cel popped up. I think it's been the only time during my collecting history where I've had to wait less than a month for one or the other to pop up. Usually, I never find a sequence mate to the matching background.

From Episode 14 - "Sakura to Touya to Cinderella" (Sakura, Touya and Cinderella).

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