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Card Captor Sakura - Episode 40

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Episode 40
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Cel Number: A17
Standard size

Original Matching Background

Added 11/8/2015
Updated 11/13/2020
“I’m the most afraid, but I have the strongest feelings.”Sakura, Tomoyo, Meilin and Syaoran have gotten together in downtown Tokyo for a day of fun This cel appears towards the end of the Hitorijime song segment, as Sakura and her friends stop by a Purikura booth to take pictures.

I had wanted a cel from this sequence for quite a while, especially after buying the background for it many years ago. The full set-up of this scene, minus the matching background because I own it, came up for sale on Mandarake in November 2020 and sold for 300,000 yen. I paid nowhere near as much for the fragment that I own.

From Episode 40 - Sakura to Yume no Naka no Sakura (Sakura and the Sakura from the Dream).

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